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It's that time of year again, fellow Christmasists! Welcome to the fifth annual instalment of A Very Erik Kennedy Christmas.

Here are the previous volumes:


A lot can happen in five years. But for those of us lucky enough not to be at war or garrotted by the cost-of-living crisis or pummelled by long COVID (not me, unfortunately), Christmas doesn't change that much. And even then, the relative stability of Christmas is something you can pretty much count on, like an investment in gold or the fact that a metre is the distance lights travels in 1/299,792,458 of a second.

Another thing you can count on is a playlist of holiday cheer I've scraped from the cranberry-sauce-encrusted bottom and sides of and posted here on So what has AVEKC, 2022 got for the listener? The listener who, perhaps, has heard it all before? That's the thing: you won't have heard all this before.

This year there's more folk, more new wave, more foreign language songs (hej to the Danish language), more instrumentals, and less annoying shit than ever before. There are only so many times you can ask people to listen to adenoidal New Jersey teenagers asking Santa to bring them candy and hand grenades, or whatever they sing about in those old novelty songs. =)

May this Christmas be a happy one. Stay safe, organise, and drink down deep draughts of art and gravy.

As a ZIP.

Or track by track (length 33.43):

01. Jimmy Wakely - It's Christmas
02. Svend Asmussens Orkester - Luften Er Kold i Nat (Baby, It's Cold Outside)
03. The Wailers - Sound the Trumpet
04. Living Trio - Medley: One Bright Star / White Christmas
05. The Weavers - One for the Little Bitty Baby
06. Peggy Lee and Jud Conlon's Rhythmaires - Ring Those Christmas Bells
07. The Modern Folk Quartet - Ríu, Chíu
08. Jack Shook and Dottie Dillard - There's No Place Like Home at Christmas
09. Raymond Scott Quintet - Siberian Sleighride
10. Anne Hills and Friends - Over the Hill and Over the Dale
11. Olga Guillot - Nochebuena (Christmas Eve)
12. Paul Haig - Scottish Christmas

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