new and expected

o n  c h a s t i t y
Yarp, 2 'Carminatives. Ah. As I approach six-foot-two, my body starts to bray. Outside and in. Such is the nature of broadening girls, suiting one for to be, at most, thin within the community, maker of curds, lover of, or with, or I am a janitress. With all that braying in my slight, at least I was taught to court from the first—stiff. Starched as turtles, we woo in the classical manner; but I am not a classic. I am unplayed. Well, to play, just foreshorten the skirts, play me sawing at the concupiscent calves, I bray. Play, tell, sir. In this country, one doesn't need a strong constitution in order to have libido.'