new and expected

d i s c o g r a p h y :  t h e  s p i e s
candy bomb
Not since Crash Action Winners has a band needed to be so elusive. Following the dictum of 'It was cheap! It was easy! Go and do it!' the Spies formed in 2007 in a pillow-filled front room somewhere on Wearside to make a pop record on an indigent's budget. Several things were agreed upon. All recordings would be straight-to-MP3, the way you would do it if you were skint, and the way you should do it if you're writing songs in a front room in 2008. Everything that could be free would be free. All equipment must cost no more than several filling lunches. We've had a laugh so far. The Spies' aim now is to record electronic pop songs at leisure (or never again), with no input from anyone, and not to be seen in public or on MySpace. But do feel free to be a fan. Love, the lads. [*]

01. Smashing Your Letterbox
02. What You Missed
03. Fourteen Steps (Rudi cover)