new and expected

h e u r e l h o  g o m e s  i s  a  t w a t
Hate-letter-cum-album Heurelho Gomes Is a Twat, by sixteen-year-old Enfield-based Spurs fan 'Mystery Kennedy,' is now available as a free download at

Kennedy (some relation, I'm afraid) holds a low opinion of his club's keeper. And since he, apparently, recognises his own limitations, he expresses himself directly. In doing so, he sets a new (low) standard for baseless abuse. Renford Rejects meets Derek and Clive.

As a ZIP.

Or track by track (length 8.36):

01. There's Nothing Wrong with Being a Cock
02. A Shocking Piece of Shit
03. Leave Us Alone
04. Out in Darwen
05. He's Got a Big, Fat Cock
06. Gomesh
07. I'm a Big Fucking Twat
08. Asleep Again?
09. How Do I Love Thee?
10. Probably a Rapist
11. Nice Fucking Nose, Mate