new and expected

p o m m e s  l a u r a s i e n n e s
may be utterly destroyed
I've made up these numbers. You'll know what's right. You've evolved to do it.

   one quarter apple
   butter (one half-teaspoon for sauce)
   two oz milk
   one pinky-joint canned vanilla frosting
   one dram vanilla extract
   one clove
   one half-piece (if) cornbread
   trace balsamic vinegar
   mischievous drops of gooseberry liqueur (or some shit)

One will begin with thin, toasted, buttered wafers of cornbread. On top, place thinly-sliced, sautéed-till-tender apple, which has jumped in butter and vanilla. Et, heureusement, 'la sauce rien!' Milk, butter, frosting, vanilla, spices, and vinegar (a single spot) go into the hot and just-evacuated pan. Reduce. When still thin as a serving-girl's waist, but thickening like her mistress's, remove from heat and apply to the top of the heap. Serve to crestfallen guest who expected something fancier. Serves one. At least, it will if he's special.