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Ralf Schumacher The Journal of Ralf Schumacher Studies
'Ralf sometimes acts in a way I cannot explain.' —Flavio Briatore

Devoted to the consideration of a number of puzzling questions in the field of Ralf Schumacher studies. Why is Ralf always in trouble? Why does he crash into his teammates? Why is he getting worse with experience? Why is he driving like he's at Jordan again, or like he's driving a Jordan? Why can he not accept being passed, when he's content to not pass others? Why does he turn into people when he's left the door open? Why is he impotent when the car/set-up isn't perfect? Why does he not want a drive next year? If he does, why doesn't he drive like it? How much does he think he's worth?

Important problems (with an emphasis on the post-Hockenheim period):

   •   Buenos Aires 1997
   •   Nurburgring 1997
   •   Indianapolis 2002
   •   Hockenheim 2003
   •   Suzuka 2003
   •   Bahrain 2004
   •   Imola 2004