new and expected

s o n g s  f o r  d a l e k s
Certainly Daleks are 'attractively-packaged' rather than 'attractive,' and, certainly, their default directive is to 'destroy all non-Dalek lifeforms,' but they're popular little salt-shakers, anyway.

Now, for the first time, there is a record of summertime hits for, and from, Daleks.

This promotional extended-play, Songs for Daleks, is available as a free download at Rather kill everything in the universe than spend time downloading records? Not a problem! When you're done, provided you haven't destroyed the Internet, this collection will still be here with the feel-good numbers that'll be thrumming in your head all day long, whether in the shower, the cubicle, or one of those time machines that show up in The Chase!

As a RAR.

Or track by track (length 20.24):

01. A Dalek - Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!
02. The Art Attacks - I Am a Dalek
03. The Daleks - Rejected
04. The Dalex - Juvenile
05. Dalek I Love You - Destiny (Dalek I Love You)
06. Dalek Beach Party - Exterminate! Exterminate!
07. Dalek: The Blackstones - Never Feel the Pain
08. The Go Go's - I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas with a Dalek
09. BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Dalek Gun

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