t h e  b r i t i s h  c o m p o s e r  m y s t e r i e s

I don't give a badger's tuppence about light verse, which is why I can easily bring myself to write it and leave it here. That's one thing I know. These are things that no-one knows. Proper puzzles.

The British Composer Mysteries

for oscar bettison

How did Thomas Tallis appease the palace?
What happened to William Boyce's Fugue for Voices?
Why was Orlando Gibbons cut to ribbons?
Where was John Field's mistress concealed?
What was Henry Purcell's fatal reversal?
Where was John Mundy on Martyrs' Sunday?
What secrets did Hubert Parry carry?
What if Benjamin Britten had never written?
What was Ebenezer Prout talking about?
And what does Arthur Bliss have to do with any of this?