t w o  n e w  p i e c e s

My work with eggs continues. One egg, one accident, two movements.

But I've said it from the start: boil an egg, be yourself (or, hopefully, not), have a desire to manipulate situations, no good ideas, a camera and a website, an observing eye, a steady hand (a flat surface will do instead), soft cushions, china, decent lighting, extra eggs, and a surpassing knowledge of all man's arts, and the rest just comes sometimes, if your egg cracks open in the near-boiling water and gives its fertile matter to the shaping heat. What an athlete, the egg!

White Elephant Mounts the World, 2008, egg. [*]

The Emergence of Civilisation, or the Decorative Arts, 2008, egg, half-chintz egg cup. [*]