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Some work

Lots of work in Queen Mob's Teahouse [*]
Review of Sara Guyer's Reading with John Clare in TLS, 10 March 2017 [*]
Conversation with Rita Banerjee, in The Rumpus, 8 February 2017 [*]
'Dead Man's Coffee Shops,' in Mimicry, No. 2, January 2017 [*]
'A Spam Christmas,' in Berfrois, 20 December 2016 [*]
'Should We Wipe Out the Mosquito?,' 'The Circumflex,' and 'Juvenilia,' in Powder Keg Magazine, No. 10, December 2016 [*]
Review of Michael Harlow's Nothing for It but to Sing, in Takahē, No. 88, December 2016 [*]
'Dickheads in an Election Year' and 'What Customer Feedback Forms Filled Out by Your Friends Say About You,' in PUBLIC POOL, October 2016 [*]
'The New Love Poetry Will Eat the Old Love Poetry,' in Snorkel, No. 23, September 2016 [*]
'Public Health Campaign,' in Atlas: A Literary Medical Journal, No. 1, September 2016 [*]
'The Shame' and 'Talking About the Weather,' in Prelude, September 2016 [*]
'You Can Stop Now. That's Good Enough,' in Visual Verse, 1 September 2016 [*]
'The Heroic Age,' 'The Price of Gold,' and 'Vita Sackville-West's Lost Roses,' in Catalyst, No. 13, August 2016 [*]
'Walking into Sculptures,' 'Digging,' 'Ripon Cathedral,' and 'Please, God, No More Referendums,' in The Literateur, 16 August 2016 [*]
Reviews of Tusiata Avia's Fale Aitu | Spirit House and Roger Horrocks's Song of the Ghost in the Machine, in Takahē, No. 87, August 2016 [*] [*]
'Four Directions at the Beach,' in The Island Review, 25 July 2016 [*]
'New Frontiers in Reconstruction,' 'Planet Nine,' 'Favourite Drinks of Captive Animals,' and 'How the "Development Wagon" Got Its Name,' in 3:AM Magazine, 5 June 2016 [*]
'The Symbiosis Variations,' in Pouch, No. 6, 1 June 2016 [*]
'Amores,' in Landfall, No. 231, May 2016 [*]
'Sometimes It Skips a Generation' and 'Mailing in a Form Because There's No Online Form,' in Dead King Magazine, 29 April 2016 [*]
Review of David Beach's Jerusalem Sonnets, Love, Wellington Zoo, in Takahē, No. 86, April 2016 [*]
'Double Saw Final at the Canterbury A&P Show,' 'Carlos Drummond's Truth Door,' and 'I Am an Animal Benefiting from Climate Change,' in Sport, No. 44, March 2016 [*]
'Varnishing at Night,' in Leaving the Red Zone: Poems from the Canterbury Earthquakes, February 2016 [*]
'The Paris Agreement' and 'The Personal Responsibility Model of Wildlife Conservation,' in Ohio Edit, 8 February 2016 [*]
'The Christmas Poem,' in Berfrois, 9 December 2015 [*]
Review of Peter Olds's You Fit the Description: The Selected Poems of Peter Olds, in Takahē, No. 85, December 2015 [*]
'Georgics,' in Landfall, No. 230, November 2015 [*]
'I Can't Even,' in Catalyst, No. 12, September 2015 [*]
'Two Scenes from the Finnish Diaspora: Maria Takolander and Niina Pollari,' in The Los Angeles Review of Books, 27 August 2015 [*]
'Growing Fears That the Leadership Contest Has Been Hijacked by Far-Left Infiltrators,' in Poets for Corbyn (published by Berfrois), August 2015 [*]
'A Line of Questioning' and 'Imagining Ageing. Reimagining Ageing,' in Sport, No. 43, May 2015 [*]
Review of James McNaughton's New Hokkaido, in Takahē, No. 84, April 2015 [*]
'A Manifesto for Bad Poetry,' in The Rumpus, 30 December 2014 [*]
'Notes on Poetry in the First Year Abroad,' in English Kills Review, 8 December 2014 [*]
'Indyref,' in The Morning Star, 24 September 2014 [*]
'The Democracy Sonnet,' in Catalyst, No. 11, August 2014 [*]
Review of JD Scott's Funerals & Thrones, in Sabotage Reviews, 30 June 2014 [*]
'The Porteous Riots,' in For Every Year, December 2013 [*]
'Impressions of Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop,' in English Kills Review, 11 November 2013 [*]
Review of George Szirtes's Bad Machine, in The Rumpus, 13 September 2013 [*]
'It's Nice,' in Antiphon, No. 8, Summer 2013 [*]
'Do Try,' in The Curator, 25 July 2013 [*]
Review of Thomas Heise's Moth, in Sundog Lit, 3 July 2013 [*]
'5 Reasons Not to Riot When Your Team Wins,' in FeedBuzz, 18 May 2013 [*]
Review of Lauren Shapiro's Easy Math, in Sundog Lit, 24 April 2013 [*]
Interview, in The Ofi Press, No. 27, February 2013 [*]
'Poem in Which, in Which, in Which,' in Poems in Which, No. 2, January 2013 [*]
'We Tried to Let Go Hands' and three-book review, in Oxford Poetry, Vol. XIII, No. 1, Spring 2009 [*]
'Mœurs de Césure,' for cello, piano, and speaker, with John Supko, 2006 [*]

Poetic interests

Limping Rhythm
Long Morning Theory
Traditional Life
The Standard Habbie
Children of the Sun
Thankful Villages
The Gloaming


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